Artistic Produccions

We can create and develop all kinds of artistic productions involving singing, music, dance and theatre. We have a staff of professional artists that guarantee the quality of our productions.

Peruvian Crazy Hour

The best alternative in shows for parties. We mix Peruvian rhythms such as carnivals with modern music in order to provide a nice show for your party.


We provide all kind of services for weddings as dance classes, shows, choreographies and production. Everything provided with a Peruvian style.

Btl shows

We have the best options for any BTL show such as concept creation and developing, flash mobs, hostesses, productions, actors, dancers, musicians among others.

Art Classes

We have a staff of professional artist in art fields such as ballet, music, dance, theatre. Our staff is qualified in providing a proper methodology and teaching skills.

Peruvian Traditional Clothing Custon Made or for Rent

We can custom made Peruvian traditional clothing or rent this items for any event, business trip, etc.

Music Orchestra

We have a professional music orchestra that manages all kind of rhythms from PERU. Also, this orchestra can make covers from nowadays artists in styles such as rock, pop, cumbia, etc.